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Tax Season Treasures: Introduction

February 22nd, 2015

One thing I love about being an accountant is having the chance to connect and build relationships with such a unique and varied group of people. From the one hundred and six year old woman with nineteen grandchildren, to the twenty one year old young man fresh out of college, each client has a different story to tell and a different situation in which to learn and collaborate. Last night, while I was meeting with one of my clients, I had an idea. Although each client is unique and no two situations are the same, there are so many things everyone can learn from each other.  I spend hours talking with my clients and I can see just how each situation relates to another. Each person’s questions and solutions can help teach others the proper steps to take, and different tips and basics everyone should know, no matter what their different experiences might be.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to start a blog series entitled Tax Season Treasures in which I will share some valuable insights and tips that I come across while meeting with clients this year. This will allow all of us to learn from each other and grow in order to have the best tax experience possible.

The first story is up on my blog now, follow the link below to read. I will update this post each time a new blog entry is posted. Stay tuned for more updates all throughout this tax season! Happy learning!

  1. Tax Season Treasures #1: Retirement Planning

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