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Tax Season Treasures #1: Retirement Planning

Last week I met with a client who has had, financially, a very profitable year. After rolling over a 401K from an old employer to an IRA and adding a $4000 deductible contribution for 2013, in 2014 she has since received a 50% pay raise, increasing her salary deferral in the employer’s 401k plan from 3% […]

Tax Season Treasures: Introduction

One thing I love about being an accountant is having the chance to connect and build relationships with such a unique and varied group of people. From the one hundred and six year old woman with nineteen grandchildren, to the twenty one year old young man fresh out of college, each client has a different […]

It’s Not Too Late To Lower Your 2012 Taxes!

Are you taking advantage of all available opportunities to minimize your taxes?  Are you facing major life events in the coming year that could have financial and even tax implications?  Now is a good time to discuss both those questions with me. Don’t wait until the end of the year to get your financial house […]